How to Conceptualize Your Idea into a Fundable Startup/Investor Gary Jinks

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    • 28. Mai 2021
    • 21:00 - 22:30
    • virtuell

Create or refine your idea into a fundable startup

In this webinar angel investor Gary Jinks will walk you step by step through a proven framework to help you create or refine your idea into a fundable startup. One area that differentiates successful entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs that fail is their ability to clearly communicate (and see) the pathway from vision to opportunity -- and market fit (right product).

Webinar participants will be able to go through this process together with a seasoned angel investor who has worked with many entrepreneurs and helped them take their startups to the next level.


• Why your Vision is Important

• Defining your Opportunity vs Market Size

• Solving the Right Problems vs “Me Too”

• Competitive Landscape vs Product Comparison

• Q&A

About the Speaker:

Gary Jinks is the founder and managing director of South Valley Angels and an executive level leader with deep expertise and extensive track record developing high yield innovation ecosystems and building up high growth exit focused start-up ventures. Gary has created, transformed and launched innovation in the Silicon Valley his entire career, from combat vehicles to lifestyle apps. Gary founded GLJ Group in 2005 and has led engineering, strategic direction and, business development for corporate clients resulting in over $300M in new business. In 2010 he shifted complete focus to the startup community, advising over 400 startups, working with the top incubators and investors in the Silicon Valley, launching innovation centers and developing regional ecosystems around the globe. He is a regular speaker, evangelist and lead executive adviser helping clients formulate custom strategies and implementing the next evolution of the startup model, “Startup 3.0 Precision Innovation”.

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