Are you looking not just for inspiration, but also specific tips and tricks for the application? Then you're in the right place at our meetHUB. Things worth hearing! Once a month, we invite absolute luminaries in their field so that they can reveal their best practices to you and prepare you for the business world! The subject areas cover everything that you can use on your start-up journey: B2B sales strategies, growth hacking, online recruiting, image processing, investor pitches, funding, legal advice and much more!

The talks usually last between 35 – 45 minutes and examine a topic from different perspectives. Afterwards you can look forward to some relaxed networking, during which you can personally sound out the speaker again one-to­-one.


Previous meet-ups:

  • Keeping it in mind: Storytelling for strong pitches – with Nils Beckmann (Pitch2grow) and Daniel Heinen (Die Foxies)
  • How to make a podcast – with Julian Nöll & Alexander Hüsing // Gorden Schönwälder
  • How to find your team – with Tereza Sommerfeld (allaboutHRLaw) and start-up experience reports
  • #7 Hacks for Facebook ads – with Janina Lehr (ruhrHUB)
  • How to sell it: Fit for Sales – with Dr. Marco Schwenke (FOM) and start-up experience reports

  • Not sexy, but smart: The big control meet-up – with Volker Wetzstein (PwC) and Lena Lasarzewski (PwC)

  • Google Ads for B2B – with Robin Heintze (morefire GmbH)
  • How to build the largest meet-up group in the Ruhr area - with Nora Breuker (Setlog GmbH; Runaway Redhead)
  • How even Porsche took a bite: Lead generation via Facebook & Instagram – with Serge Klopotnoj (BeSocial) and Benjamin Homann (BeSocial)
  • Investment and now? Tips on contract negotiation – with Christian Arndt (HTGF)
  • Funding and patent law for start-ups – Bernd Fesel and Wasilis Koukounis (patent lawyers Michalski & Hüttermann)