Reference projects

CASE 1: Coroporate Challenge Pitch 2020

Within the CCP 2020, numerous collaborations and pilot projects have resulted from the individual discussions with the companies and start-ups.


The challenges (mostly set by SMEs) displayed a great deal of diversity, which resulted in a larger selection of applicants.


  • Digital handling of a company's development process (Trendspot)
    • Trendspot arranges proven core mechanisms in a unique infotainment format of the digital generation. As a white label solution, it can adapt itself to the company-specific layout.
  • Configurator for an online shop (Foxbase)
    • With the guided selling solution, your visitors will find the best product quickly, easily and in just a few clicks. The software identifies individual customer needs via an interactive user interface and calculates a specific product recommendation. It integrates seamlessly into the systems and processes of B2B providers.
  • Matching tool for digital appointment scheduling (B2Match)
    • Individual configuration of the event to meet existing needs. The software solves the problem of making appointments and also offers the possibility of virtual matchmaking.
  • Digital solution for monitoring a production (Semasquare)
    • Semasquare has specialised in the networking of machines and IT systems, and covers large areas of software development from hardware-related data acquisition to sensors and web applications. They have very recently designed a system for a customer which, based on data from ERP (SAP), MES and LVR (warehouse) systems, as well as bar code scanners and ceiling sensors, controls driverless transport systems and generates travel orders.
  • Carpooling app (GoFlux)
    • Offering and looking for a lift works in a similar way to a navigation app. As soon as the destination has been entered, the app automatically calculates a route - based on the desired location - and the driver can publish the journey. All users can offer their lift either as a one-off or regularly. After the lift is published, the goFLUX algorithm automatically defines traffic-safe meeting points along the driver's entire route. The best possibility available is automatically suggested to passengers looking for lifts.

Statements on the CCP, previous collaboration and achievement of the first milestones:


1. "The quick possibility of digital implementation of the CCP came as a positive surprise to us. It was exactly the time when nobody knew exactly how to proceed and most companies were in the process of finding an organisation. When we were informed that we could present our idea at short notice via the Zoom meeting, we were very much looking forward things carrying on. The atmosphere in the meeting was very relaxed, and I could definitely get used to the somewhat different type of pitching."

2. "Even before the end of the Zoom meeting, the further procedure for collaboration with Corporate BSK Rauscher was roughly outlined, and then implemented as early as in the following week.

In addition to the actual idea that we presented, the crisis has resulted in a collaboration that we would not have thought of before."

"When it comes to the current results, the second thing to add is: In the first step, we made our web magazine available to Henning Rauscher as a platform for content on the corona crisis. This resulted in a further article that describes trend questions that are evaluated in the Trendspot app. The collaboration and regular exchanges continue, and we look forward to what is still to come!"


"First of all, many thanks for the organisation. Despite the difficult times, it was a pleasant highlight to opt for this form of conversation. It also shows that it makes perfect sense to look at hybrid event variants.

After internal discussions, we decided to continue with Genie Enterprise. They offer the complete portfolio of what we are looking for in the future.

In the meantime, we have received a complete funding project that has changed our schedule a little.

Nevertheless, we are continuing the talks with Genie and are hoping for some good collaboration."

BSK Rauscher

"Even though I was initially a little sceptical: This year's "Corporate Challenge" was also an exciting event, even though it was digital! The contacts with the start-ups provided some valuable momentum, and we are already implementing two specific ideas. Many thanks to Zenit and to ruhrHUB for the initiation and support!"

Henning Rauscher, Managing Director of BSK Rauscher, Bochum

CASE 2: Corporate Challenge Pitch #RS2018

The collaboration between Siemens AG Mülheim a.d. Ruhr and logarithmo:
At the Corporate Challenge Pitch 2018, the data analytics start-up logarithmo was able to qualify as the winner with its solution for the "SAP Material Master Challenge" from Siemens.

The application: For the production of steam turbines, plant-specific material master data with information such as throughput time, MRP controller etc. are maintained at SAP. This process involved a lot of manual decision-making and data management. With the challenge at the Corporate Challenge Pitch, Siemens was looking for a way to automate this manual process by using state-of-the-art data technology in order to determine the ideal values for the material master data.

Conclusion from Martin Kubisch (Siemens): "We can conscientiously report that the pilot project has been specified and has already been successfully implemented. In addition, an application was created that significantly improves and replaces the current procedure. We noticed with approval the typical start-up approach with the creation of the MVP (minimum viable product), which immediately led to a hands-on mentality in the project. Regular status meetings as well as direct communication between the project participants were a good basis for driving the MVP towards the definitive resolution."

Conclusion from Dr. Felix Friemann (logarithmo): "We see the format of the Corporate Challenge Pitches as extremely positive: A specific problem, professional expertise on site and an open mind towards new approaches. The two challenges that we won resulted in specific projects that were successfully completed. We are still in regular contact with Siemens and are talking about the next steps."