The next step to scale-up

04.10.2022 - 20.04.2023

Our participating start-ups

Sperling Bag

Founder: Katharina & Björn Sperlin

Sperling produces sustainable bags from natural materials such as organic cotton and plant-based cork. Together with the animal welfare foundation "Hof Butenland", Sperling works to make an active contribution to animal welfare. As the team likes to say: "Each purchase makes a cow happy!".

My Shoefitter


Founder: Frederik Dürr


mySHOEFITTER is revolutionizing shoe eCommerce. In close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, they developed a digital tool for shoe size consulting. Measuring feet to the millimeter contributes to a successful shoe purchase. Customers can ask a wide range of suppliers for their perfect shoe size, based on the shoe model.


Founder: Sascha Kaczmarek, René Grzeszick, Sascha Feldhorst


Motion-mining automates and anonymizes manual work processes. With these process-optimizing analyses, which are carried out by sensors and AI, which makes work easier for the company.

Motion Miners


Founder: Dr. Philipp Wrycza, Michael Koscharnyj, Patrik Elfert & Jan Möller


The Logistikbude is a web-based software for load carrier management. No goods can be moved efficiently without reusable load carriers such as pallets, containers and racks. Regardless of load carrier types, the start-up addresses the tracking of own load carriers and the management of exchange processes. The logistics booth combines the central building blocks: administration and tracking.


Founder: Julius Kuschke, Mats Krengel, Vanessa Westphal


With the Choosy app you can create a whole weekly shopping including a meal plan within 3 minutes. Using AI, the consumer receives an individual dish. If desired, the ingredients can be delivered to your home.

Ruhr MASTERS Visensys445x445


Founder: Dr.-Ing. André Ibisch

Team: Dr.-Ing. André Ibisch, Ahasan Ulla, Ferald Kelo, Marlon Bagans, Samad Siddiqui


ViSenSyS combines image processing software and multi-camera systems. This includes, for example, automated passenger counting or seat occupancy within public transport. In short: AI-based image processing to more automation of applications in public transport.

Our teams receive coaching that really moves them forward.

With our 6-month coaching program, which is individually tailored to your needs, we support our teams and work with them to solve all the challenges that the growth of a start-up entails. Whether in the areas of HR, leadership, law, sales or logistics - with us, our teams will find the right experts to accompany them with their experience and expertise from the field.

How our teams benefit from the ruhrMASTERS:

  • 6-month individual coaching program (at least 10 coaching sessions)
  • Attendance of two international start-up events
  • Prominent integration at ruhrSUMMIT 2023
  • Marketing measures via our social media channels & public relations work

  • Motivation Day als Teil der ruhrSUW


  • Anker-Kickoff

    Okt./Nov. 2022

  • Coaching

  • Besuch int. Start-up-Event: Slush Helsinki

    November 2022

  • Coaching

  • Anker-Session

    Dez/Jan. 2023

  • Coaching

  • Besuch int. Start-up-Event: MWC & 4YFN Barcelona

    Februar 2023

  • Coaching

  • Anker-Session

    Feb./März 2023

  • Coaching

  • Anker-Session

    April 2023

  • Coaching

  • ruhrMASTERS Night

    20. April 2023

  • ruhrSUMMIT 2023

    13. Juni 2023

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