About ruhrHUB

Many cities – One Vision

As a young start-up initiative, we have not only been following the local start-up scene for a good five years, we are also cleverly networking business, science and start-ups. With a goal that connects: We want to give the start-up founder culture in and around the Ruhr area more media visibility and offer cross-city support for start-up founders and companies. Thanks to the close collaboration with our shareholders, we have direct access to municipal funding programs, start-up initiatives and the network of business development agencies. We also give founders a comprehensive overview of what is available in the region. In the long term, we want to create a hotspot for digital innovations that will benefit from the region's strengths and make the Ruhr area an important and visible part of the German start-up landscape.


The Ruhr area as a location of innovation 

This is where the heart of industrial tech, cyber security, the smart city and the logistics scene in Germany beats - and rightly so: Because in no other region can you find a density of universities or corporate headquarters that is comparable to here. It is literally an incubator for promising tech start-ups and digital innovations. We have the up-and-coming talent, customers and sponsors in one location.

In particular, the fields of cyber security, driven by the Bochum and Gelsenkirchen locations, or logistics in Dortmund and Duisburg, are internationally associated with the Ruhr area. We see a significant number of excellent start-ups and institutes in both fields - and the trend is increasing.

We generally categorise new technologies, primarily B2B application areas, together under industrial tech. In this field in particular, we have seen a steady stream of new teams and ideas in recent years, each paired with great expert knowledge from the universities.