What's on offer

What new challenges do you face daily? Do you also ask yourself the question: How can my company become even better? Do you want to find out which potentials are still untapped and whether enough new technologies and methods are already being used to ensure success in the long term?

ruhrHUB has developed formats specially tailored to your company for precisely these challenges. With the help of what we offer, you will find the right solution for your individual challenges. We are happy to support you with advice and to show you which formats can be used, and how.



In a hackathon, established companies can have topics or challenges dealt with over a period of a weekend. Together with universities in the region, we address your topics explicitly to suitable participants. ruhrHUB handles everything from clarification of the topics to the structuring and running of the event, right through to the actual application.

We have already organised a number of hackathons, and so were able to gain a wide range of experience in terms of conception and implementation.

Tobias Grau (Stadtwerke Essen):

"As a mentor of Stadtwerke Essen's 'The Speaking Network' challenge, I was impressed by how the young start-up entrepreneurs teased various data languages out of our network."

Challenge Pitches

ruhrHUB designs and organises joint reverse pitches for established companies. Start-ups from all over Germany apply with individual solutions to the very specific challenges facing companies. With their innovative, sometimes disruptive business models, they offer flexible and innovative solutions for every type of task and are an extremely motivated partner for tackling these challenges together. The risk of know-how drain is extremely low, since the core processes of the established SME are not usually involved. Start-ups on the other hand specialise in isolated problem areas and offer corresponding, individual solutions. We work out the challenge together with you in a workshop, communicate it in our network, look through the applications together with you and organise the final day. ruhrHUB organises an annual challenge pitch as a pre-event for RuhrSUMMIT - the biggest B2B start-up conference.

Over the past two years, this has resulted in many successful cooperations and collaborations. We are also partners and supporters of the annual beyond conventions format



Design Sprint

ruhrHUB accompanies you in solving your challenge by running a design sprint in which a team put together from your company takes part.

The aim of the design sprint is to achieve, as a team and in the shortest possible time, a common concept or vision in the form of an interactive prototype that is based on user understanding and validated with real users.

The concept of the design sprint, the moderators and the premises are provided by ruhrHUB.