Founders' grant

The NRW founders' grant gives founders the opportunity to advance an innovative start-up project for one year and receive EUR 1,000 in funding each month. Besides the financial support, the team will be assigned a coach for the duration of the grant to assist and support it.

Who can be supported?

  • Start-ups in NRW that have either not yet happened or are no more than one year old
  • Start-up teams with up to three founders
  • Adult founders (minimum age 18 years) resident in NRW
  • Paid earnings in addition to the grant, maximum 14,9 hours per week
  • Teams that do not generate more than 1 million in sales during the funding period
  • Persons who are active in the management of the innovative company

Data relating to the start-up grant in ruhrHUB since August 2018:

  • Jury meetings: 16
  • Idea papers: 150
  • Funded grant recipients: 103
  • Supported teams: 56

In addition to a formal written application, the candidates must present themselves and their ideas to a jury meeting. These are held regularly at our ruhrHub, where - on the basis of our expertise - we particularly support digital, innovative business models. You can find out more about other affiliated networks that award the start-up grant here:


Contact us, and we'll be pleased to assist you further.

You can find more information and the necessary application documents at: