Corporate Challenge Pitch

What daily challenges do you face? Because you master a lot every day: You answer questions, intervene where necessary, and in so doing ensure the success of your company. At the same time, you also ask yourself every day: "How can we become even better? Which potentials are still untapped? Are we already using enough new techniques to allow us to work even more efficiently?"

For these challenges, ruhrHUB has developed a format specially tailored to you, which is exactly about: Equipping you with the right solution. In relation to the many new technologies, have you ever asked yourself whether it makes sense to work with a young, innovative company - a start-up? If so, then ruhrCCP is exactly what you need.


What is a CCP?

The Corporate Challenge Pitch (CCP) is a format that offers a platform for both established companies and innovative start-ups. The aim is to identify and utilise unused potential in companies and to expand it with digital and technological components. For their part, the start-ups benefit from a platform to introduce themselves to established companies and to acquire potential partnerships and reference projects.

The process

In a workshop, we work with you to establish your current and most important challenges. In the next step, we make this available to our network of 700 start-ups and, through our network partners, also attract the attention of international start-ups.

Together with us, you review the applications received and we'll help you to draw up the shortlist. At the end, you select up to three start-ups that you think can best solve your challenge.

The Events Day

• Presentation of the advertised challenges by a responsible representative of the company
• Pitches of the relevant solutions from the start-ups
• Awards ceremony (ideally one winner per challenge)
• Networking

The next stage is the pilot phase and joint implementation with your personal winner. If necessary, we will be happy to support you and moderate the pilot phase.

Real-life statements

"The innovative solutions from tech start-ups help us to quickly simplify internal processes and to bring our colleagues into contact with new technological topics in a practical way. Our corporate structures are sometimes a challenge here, but they also ensure that our own mindset is repeatedly questioned. For these reasons, Siemens Mülheim is a regular participant in the Corporate Challenge Pitches. ”Fabian Jung, Siemens

"By working with start-ups, we are able to use the advantages of digitisation more quickly. Using the example of our collaboration with MotionMiners, we can demonstrate actual added value for our customers. The 'MotionMining' joint product enables us to carry out automated measurements and analyses of manual activities and operate on a market that neither partner could have approached alone." Kerstin Fiedler, META-Regalbau GmbH & Co. KG

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