What is a hackathon? The term “hackathon” originated in the USA and is a fusion of the two terms “hacking” and “marathon”. The aim of a hackathon is to jointly produce useful, creative or entertaining software products or to find solutions to current problems within a set time frame (usually 48–72 hours).

For companies the hackathon offers the opportunity to have topics or challenges dealt with over the course of a weekend - and so within a short period of time. Together with universities in the region, we address the topics and problems specifically to suitable participants so that the companies can benefit from external skills.


For start-ups, participating in a hackathon not only offers a good chance for pilot projects with major customers, but also active talent sourcing. In close cooperation with other technology enthusiasts and creative minds, potential applicants can be discovered and recruited for your own company growth.

What we offer: ruhrHUB handles everything from clarification of the topics to the structuring and running of the event, right through to the actual application. We have already organised a number of hackathons, and so were able to gain a wide range of experience in terms of conception and implementation. Interested? Drop us a line: