Women Innopreneurship Month 2023 at UDE - UKRAINE

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    • 16. November 2023
    • 16:00 - 18:00
    • University Duisburg Essen Library building (R11 T07 C73) Universitätsstraße 9-11  45141 Essen
    • Essen

Women Innopreneurship Month is a celebration of women's achievements and contributions to the world of entrepreneurship and leadership.

About the Event

Women Innopreneurship Month (WIM 23) invites you to a month-long celebration of the incredible achievements and contributions of women to the world of entrepreneurship and leadership. Our mission is to showcase the inspiring journeys of women across different sectors and shed light on the significant roles they play in driving our future.


Key Event Features

Theme: Global Diversity & Entrepreneurship. Delve deep into interactive activities, including panel discussions and workshops, presenting the rich tapestry of experiences of female entrepreneurs from worldwide locales.

Ukrainian Discussion Panel: On November 16th we will shift our focus to Ukraine, bringing together a dynamic group of women leaders who have made significant strides in various industries. Through their panel discussion, we will gain a deeper understanding of the Ukrainian business ecosystem and the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs in the region.



Professor Marina Kravchenko: Dean of the Faculty of Management and Marketing, National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Instistute».

Viktoria Grygorieva: Co-founder of the Ukrainian Women's Union in Germany (German «Ukrainische Frauen Union in Deutschland»).

Kristina Kostianchuk: brand manager in the First Private Brewery in Kyiv.



Proudly supported by Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Ukrainian Women Union in Germany