Energy Innovation Days 2020

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    • 06. Oktober 2020
    • 11:00 - 16:15
    • Internet

What if we told you that, in the near future, our energy grids will be inspected from space? Or that soon, quantum computing will change the way the world uses energy for the better?

It is exactly what we'll be talking about at Energy Innovation Days 2020 – E.ON´s virtual conference that explores how innovation is driving energy transformation towards a connected and sustainable world.

Energy Innovation Days is a virtual conference that brings together entrepreneurs and experts from around the world, academics from leading universities, and government representatives in charge of regulatory frameworks that foster innovation. It aims to create inspiring and insightful conversations around various topics of energy and innovation and discuss how they influence the energy landscape as we continue on our path towards a sustainable world. In three days, over 50 experts from different industries will uncover what’s shaping a new energy era, where technologies and carbon-neutrality collide.Energy Innovation Days is not just an event – it’s a movement, inspired by three missions: Electrification, Connectivity and Electrification.

Each of the three days has a specific focus:

October 06: Electrification

Why does electrification fundamentally change the energy industry and how does it contribute to sustainability goals?

October 07: Connectivity

Which role does connectivity play in terms of technologies, energy autonomy and our relationship with customers?

October 08: Digitalization

How does digitalization change the utility business and how will the energy industry converge into other business sectors?

What to expect at the Energy Innovation Days?

- Insightful and interactive mainstage program with speakers from around the world

- Virtual exhibition hall showcasing some of the most exciting innovation projects

- Networking opportunity with industry leaders from energy sector and beyond

- Meetings tailored to your availability

- Real event experience in an immersive 3D environment

Let's create a better tomorrow and join the community of innovators.