A2X Live: Autonomous logistics: Where is the journey heading?

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    • 23. September 2021
    • 17:00 - 18:00
    • online

Im Rahmen des A2X-Live-Events wollen wir das Thema "Autonomous Logistics" auf die Bühne bringen.

The September Fireside Chat will be dedicated to autonomous logistics.

This time we are diving deep into new technologies and their potentials in City Logistics.

- What solutions are startups bringing to the table and what technologies are already implemented?

- What are the consequences for the employee-intensive industry of today?

- What set of rules do we need for robots to move together with pedestrians and other vehicles?

For this discussion we have invited Fabian Kober and Bern Grush.

Fabian is Co-Founder & COO of DuckTrain, a smart, electric and automated logistics vehicle system made for the urban and industrial last mile.

Bern is CIO of Harmonize Mobility and is working with cities all over the world to define the new ISO standard for sidewalk robots.

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