Which pitch training would you like?

Whether it's an elevator pitch, product pitch or investor pitch - in collaboration with the pitch camp and other mentors, ruhrHUB offers you the right pitch training for your grand performance.

  • How do investor pitches differ from product pitches?
  • How do you build up your pitch? What is the right storytelling?
  • Which information belongs in a good pitch presentation?
  • How long should your presentation be?

You'll get all this information and much more in the exclusive pitch training! Register now for the next pitch training with us.

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Pitch training completed. Ready for more?

Have you successfully participated in pitch training and are you ready to present your idea to a bigger audience? If so, then we have just the right events in the Ruhr area for you: Apply for our Start-up Nights! Every third Thursday of the month, we offer a platform in Essen for you to pitch your idea. Get valuable feedback on your pitch, and use the evening to network with experts who are enthusiastic about digital transformation in companies.